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Best online shopping in Bangladesh | Men’s shoes online shop bd


In Bangladesh, Jan. 15 – Bangladeshi people rely on branded shoes due to increased purchasing power and awareness about changes in taste and quality. That is why sales of branded shoes are growing at an average rate of 12-15% annually. That is why many new companies are entering the business. However, despite the growth of the business, a large portion of the total number of shoes sold all year round is unmarked. But even so, the market share of Bangladesh men’s shoe products is growing exponentially. The following are the leading men’s shoe brands in Bangladesh. I will discuss now the best online shoes shop bd.


Top 10 men’s shoe products in Bangladesh



online shop bd


Bata holds a senior position in the footwear brand business. This international shoe company started operating in Bangladesh in 1962. It currently has two industries. One in Tongi, one in Dhamrai. The two industries can produce 1.6 lakh pairs of shoes every day. They have 248 stores nationwide. In addition, there are more than 1,500 stores throughout the country. Although two factories in Tongi and Dhamrai produce butter shoes, shoes from a variety of brands including Nike and Adidas are imported. In total, about 40% of Bata shoes are imported from abroad. Bata also sells online through their website


Apex shoes


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Launched in 1990, the Apex Footwear’s Tannery Unit was awarded the 2015 Leather Working Group (LWG) status of Best Quality or Gold Factory, which are the prerequisites for major purchasing products. Apex has a collection of about 135 shoe products worldwide. Apex developed the brand back in 1997 to sell shoes in the local market. In addition, they are the second-largest shoe brand in the world. They occupy 7-8% of the product shoe market. Currently, they have about 800 retail outlets, franchisees, and supermarkets across the country. Apex shoes can be found on

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Bay Emporium

Bay Emporium is one of the most famous types of shoes and sandals in Bangladesh. It started its journey in 1996 on the fourth floor of Shimanto Square. Currently, the product has 22 branches throughout Bangladesh including Dhaka. Besides shoes, it also sells belts, wallets, socks, etc. Bay also sells their shoes online through their website


Orion shoes


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Orion Group’s Orion Footwear came to market in 2015. They have opened about 30 shops in Dhaka and in major cities. They began their journey with the motto “Love Tender Care.” They started the journey with 450 unique designed shoes. Orion offers a wide variety of men’s shoes including, dress shoes, casual shoes, sportswear, summer shoes, and more. Its website address is



Since 1992, Jennys has been a staple of men’s shoes in Bangladesh. However, it was mainly a exporting company based in Bangladesh. The brand produces standard leather shoes which are handmade concrete shoes and moccasins shoes. Jennys also exports shoes overseas and already has measures in the UK, Canada, Australia, Japan, and other countries. Although they have a small share of the market share in Bangladesh, they have proven their quality and quality in the international market. You can see the Jennys brand at


Walkar shoes

Concerned with the Pran-RFL team, Walkar Footwear started its business in 2017. Walker currently owns 70 stores. The factory is located in Danga Industrial Park, Narsingdi. The industry can produce 12 lakh pairs of shoes per month. Currently, 500 people work under the Walker type. Walkar Footwear also sells online at




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Merkis holds a collection of a large number of bd and unique gents sneakers Within the Bangladesh shoe or boot industry, Merkis tends to be a big name because of the quality goods and consumer confidence. Merkis brings change within the Bangladeshi shoe industry easily with Our high-quality product and stylish design. We make our best contact at the time of purchase if you have any questions about the listing for sale, You will get the answer soon. We offer you the best goods, the best price, the best service. Looking to do some great business with Bangladesh and always work on how you can check that you are good with all the smartest shoes or boots in Bangladesh. Merkis is the best online shoes shop in bd.


Step shoes


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The Bangladeshi brand Step Footwear aims to produce comfortable shoes for men, women, and children at an affordable price. Productivity is part of the industrial group initiative. For men, Step offers Sandal, slippers, Casual shoes, and sneakers. Currently, they have more than 18 stores across the country. Alternatively, a potential buyer can check out his online store at



Leatherx Fashion & Footwear is a subsidiary of Leatherx Footwear Industry Limited. Founded in March 2000, the company now exports shoes to the international market. Leatherx is used under the guidance of German, Italian, Korean, and Japanese specialists. The brand offers different types of men’s shoes. Although they have several stores in big cities, you can check out the shoes online at




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Bangladeshi brand Fortuna shoes offer stylish, confident, comfortable, smart and modern men’s shoes. In addition, they aim to provide shoes at an affordable price. From office shoes to casual, Fortuna has many free options for everyone. Although they have about 15 stores in the country, they also sell online at


Final Words

Even 20 years ago, Bangladeshi men knew Bata as a shoe brand. Those who did not buy Bata shoes relied on shoes from China, India, or Thailand. True, people wore a few shoes at a time. However, many varieties of Bangladeshi have emerged over the years. So, people now have more options to buy shoes. In addition, the size of the national shoe market is now around Tk 8,000 crore, growing at an average rate of 15% per year. Therefore, it is understandable that customer buying behavior has changed and more and more stylish shoes are coming into the market every day.


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